HoOsteopathic Techniques Montrealw does an Osteopath work?

Osteopathic techniques vary according to the therapeutic effect required, the efficacity of the treatment and the comfort of the patient:

Adjustments (also known as Manipulation) is a technique that rapidly moves the vertebrae which have lost or restricted mobility in order to relieve pressure on the surrounding nerves.
Articulation is mobilization of the joints. This increases the amplitude of movements in a slow and rhythmic fashion in order to improve the synovial fluid circulation to the core of the articulation.
Visceral Manipulation restores mobility to the abdominal organs such as the intestines, liver, lungs etc also increasing their performance.
Cranial Manipulation is a very gentle technique used to identify and correct mechanical tensions of the skull and its articulations. 
Muscle Stretching and deep soft tissue work

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