What patients, students and colleagues have to say …….

“Laurent Caille has been an integral and significant part of my long-term health regime. He brings decades of valuable experience to the table, is professional, thorough, and delivers quality service. I always leave feeling like a new person.” Dawn Mauricio, Yoga and Meditation teacher May 2013

“Laurent is one of those exceptional people…his holistic approach and humanity coupled with his expertise make him remarkable osteopath. I warmly recommend him.” Louise Côté July 2013,

 “A few years ago I had an accident and had back surgery which was when I set out to find an osteopath. I greatly appreciate Laurent’s skill – he has an approach of looking at the body as a whole. At the same team he is able to explain everything to me in layman’s terms which I appreciate. The ultimate test is how I feel the following weeks after my rendezvous. All I can say is wow!” Zane Remenda September 2013

“During the last weeks of my pregnancy, Laurent was able to release tension in my pelvic area which prevented me from walking, sitting or sleeping. Every time I left his clinic I felt so mobile and free of any discomfort. I would highly recommend Laurent’s expertise in osteopathy, especially to pregnant women who are either suffering from common pregnancy symptoms or for those who would like to achieve a quick recovery after giving birth”. Darleen Wong September 2013

  “Laurent is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy professional. He is gentle in manners and unpretentious in spite of his extensive experience. Generous with his time and attentive to his clients’ needs, he was able to diagnose and treat some of my health problems. I would definitely recommend him or go back for treatment if needed”. Marie-Pierre Ayoul August 2013

 “Laurent was my first exposure to fine art and science of Osteopathy and he succeeded in treating my health issue with no physical discomfort or the need for any medication. I highly recommend his professional services in addressing any pain issue you may have. His professionalism and deep knowledge of his craft are without question”. Mario Rapagna July 2013,

 “Laurent has recently treated me for ongoing hip and lumbar issues related to marathon training as well as work-related stances. I was impressed with the improvement I made in a brief period. I often recommend Laurent to my patients for further health care.” Paul John Elliott, Myolife – Stretching Canada September 2013

 “Laurent is a hard-working, knowledgeable osteopath whom has worked both in clinical and academic areas of expertise. His quiet enthusiasm and humility are traits which have always benefited students and patients alike. Phil Austin, Osteopath / PhD Candidate

“I and my son were patients of Laurent Caille when he practised in Canterbury, England. I cannot speak too highly of him and his work. He is a remarkable man and osteopath.” Annie Lucia and Tom Burk, Actors, England

“Laurent is not only a great Osteopath but also a gifted teacher capable of transmitting his knowledge to his students. I am looking forward to studying with him in future.” Adnan Tahirovic, Student, EPOQ

“I regularly had back problems and it took always a long time to get back in shape. When I met Laurent I was directly fascinated by his approach : just a few consultations (very quick) and…it worked ! I feel much better now and I do not have regular back problems anymore. Thanks again Laurent !” Mark Hofman, Entrepreneur, France

 “Laurent is a hard-working, knowledgeable osteopath who has worked both in clinical and academic areas of expertise. His quiet enthusiasm and humility are traits which have always benefited students and patients alike.”Phil Austin, Co-Owner, Osteopati & Piliates, Suède

 “Laurent is a highly skilled osteopath with a broad interest in approaches to musculoskeletal treatment. I enjoyed working with him.” Dr Hubert van Griesven, Physiotherapist England

“Mr Caille knows my lower back well. No need to tell him where it hurts. Even if he encountered resistance sometimes he always had the last word! Isabelle Bertin, Agricultrice, France